The information security policy is one of the policies that Tung Lam Manufacturing Service Trading Co., LTD. & Special emphasis when customers buy goods at the company. This policy is implemented by us as follows:

Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD understands that customers are very interested in how the personal information you have trusted to provide us is confidential and used. Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD very appreciates the attention and commits that this information will be our utmost effort to secure. Our company guarantees to use customer information reasonably, considering to continuously improve the quality of service and give customers a fun experience when shopping at our website. We only use your name and some other information in the manner described in this privacy policy.

We only keep your information for the time required by law or for the purpose for which that information is collected.
You can visit the site without the need to provide any personal information. When visiting the site, you will always be in an anonymous state unless you have an account on your website and you log in with your name and password.

1. Purposes and scope of information gathering

In order to use the services of Tung Lam Company LIMITED production Service &, customers must register the account and provide some information such as: email, name, phone number, date of birth and address and some other information. This section of this K Italy posting procedure is intended to help us determine the correct payment and delivery portion of the recipient. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but you will not be able to enjoy some of the add-ons that our features offer.

We also store any information you enter on the website or send it to Tung Lam Manufacturing & Trading Co., LTD. Such information will be used for the purpose of responding to the customer's request, making appropriate suggestions for each customer when purchasing goods at the company, improving the quality of goods and services and communicating with you as needed.
In addition, the transaction information includes: purchase history, transaction value, shipping and payment method, which is also & production of Tung Lam Storage company to solve problems that may arise later.

2. Scope of information Use

The information collected above will be used for one or all of the following purposes:
-Delivery of customers purchased at Tung Lam Production Service trading Company LTD &
-Notification of delivery and customer support
-Provide information relating to the product
-Processing orders and providing services and information via our website upon your request
-In addition, we will use the information you provide to support customer account management; The confirmation and execution of financial transactions related to your online payments; Check the data downloaded from our website; Improve the look and/or content of Web page items and customize it for easier to use; Identification of visitors to the site; Research on the demographics of the users; Send to you information that we think will be useful or requested by you, including information about products and services, provided that you agree not to object to the communication for the above purposes.
-We may share your name and address for courier services or our suppliers for delivery to you.

When you register as a member on the website of Tung Lam Manufacturing Services & LTD, we will also use your personal information to send promotional/marketing information. You may cancel receiving such information at any time by using the unsubscribe function in the advertising notices.
-Payments made by you through the website will be handled by our company. You must provide us or our agent or the website with the correct information and must keep your information updated and notify us if there is any change.
-Your order details will be stored by us, but for security reasons, you may not request such information from us. However, you can check that information by signing in to your own account on the website. You warrant that information is accessed in a confidential manner and does not expose a third party without permission. We will not be liable for the misuse of the password unless it is our fault.
-We also store any information you enter on the website or send to Tung Lam Trading Services & Co., LTD. Such information will be used for the purpose of responding to customer requests, giving appropriate suggestions for each customer when making purchases at Tung Lam Trading Service company LIMITED, improving the quality of service goods and communications You when needed.
In addition, the transaction information includes: purchase history, transaction value, shipping and payment method, which is also manufactured by the & Trading and forestry company LIMITED, to solve the problems that may arise later.
We will not share customer information except in the following specific cases:
-To protect the trading services CO., LTD & the production of Tung Lam and other third parties: we only offer account information and other personal information when it is firmly confident that the inclusion of such information is in accordance with , protecting the rights, property of users of the service, of the service Trading Co., LTD & production of Tung Lam and other third parties.
-At the request of a legal L from a government agency or when we believe that doing so is necessary and appropriate to comply with the legal requirements
It certainly does not include the sale, sharing that leads to the disclosure of client's personal information for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set forth in the policy of customer information security company LIMITED & Products Trading of Tung Lam.

3. Time to store information 
Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD will store the personal information provided by the customer on our internal systems in the course of providing the service to the customer or until the completion of the purpose of collection or when Customer may request cancellation of the provided information.

4. Commitment to privacy of customer's personal information

Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD will protect the customer's information during the transfer of data by encrypting the information you enter. It is important for customers to protect themselves from access to information about passwords when you use computers with multiple people. Once there, you must be sure to quit the account after using our service.

We also commit not to knowingly disclose customer information, not to sell or share customer information of the trading services company LTD. & the production of Tung Lam for commercial purposes that violate our commitments to the customer pursuant to The client information Privacy policy of Tung Lam Production and Service Trading Co. &.
-Customer should not exchange the payment information, its delivery to 1 other 3rd party to prevent information leakage. When using the same computer as multiple people, please leave your account every day without using our WEB services to protect your own access password information.
-In addition, the customer should not use any form to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD strictly prohibits the spread, propagation or promotion of any activity that interferes with, disruects or infiltrated the data of the website system. Any breach will be stripped of all benefits as well as will be prosecuted under the law if necessary. All your information at the system will be confidential but in case of law requirements, we are obliged to provide this information to the law enforcement.
-The privacy policy of the company Information Trading Services & Tung Lam is only applied at the website of the company LTD Trading Services & Tung Lam. It does not include or involve other third parties placing advertisements or has links at Tung Lam Production and trading services CO., LTD &. We strongly recommend that you refer to and distinguish the differences in the privacy policy of these websites.

5. Privacy Policy changes 

Tung Lam Trading Service & Company LIMITED has the right to change and modify security regulations at any time. Any changes to this policy are posted on our website.

6. Contact information 

Tung Lam Trading Service & Co., LTD is very interested in the rights of customers in the protection of personal information should in the event you have suggestions, questions relating to our privacy policy , please contact:

Tung Lam Production and Service Trading Co. &

Address: Dai Dong – Hoan son – Tien Du INDUSTRIAL Zone – BAC Ninh

Phone Number: 0241.3847.626