Buying a cheap 4 wheeler electric car is a reasonable approach to saving money, while helping to lose the cost of maintenance, but the underlying truth is a lot of risk that one can not anticipate.

There are many people who choose to buy cheap 4 wheeler electric cars to use or to business because they will just have to give up some meager capital at first. However, the benefits are not visible but the harm is well-attached.

Former refurbished tram

Very cheap 4 wheeler electric cars are very likely the old tram has been refurbished. Some units will acquire old electric cars and bring back modifications to some of the exterior’s visible parts, such as cushion seats, car frames, and repaints to the vehicle with a new car look.

Bad benefit when the "Ham" electric car 4 wheels cheap

The old tram is refurbished as a new

Usually these cars have prices that are usually 1 bit cheaper than the genuine listing price but are not usually accompanied by necessary accessories or genuine warranty. Therefore, when the car is used for some time and it leads to malfunction, you will have to take a large amount of expenses for repairs. So the “cheap 4 wheeler Electric scooter” was no longer a “cheap 4 wheeler electric car”.

With the old electric cars refurbished, the life expectancy is not possible with genuine electric cars. When you buy a new car, you can use dozens of years but if it’s an old tram, it’s probably just 1 few years. And then you have to lose the investment cost of other electric cars.

Prices usually equate to the value of the product

It is still common to say: that’s the money. So, if you buy genuine quality electric cars, maybe the initial amount you spend is a little bit expensive but you will get a sure car, the components are imported from abroad, vehicles with a long life span and especially the mode of protection Administrative regulations.

Bad benefit when the "Ham" electric car 4 wheels cheap

Genuine electric car for sure, long life

Conversely, if you buy a cheap car it will be hard for you to get the advantages above. Do not be too cheap to get back is a good product, or even not worthy of the money that you give.

Electric 4 wheels cheap unknown origin

When you choose a cheap 4 wheeler electric car, you will probably buy the right car of unknown origin. This will follow many other implications: there are no suitable components to replace when the car is damaged, without car warranty when the car is in trouble, the safety of the car is not guaranteed…

Why do many places still choose cheap 4 wheeler electric cars?

The real benefit is so but the cheap 4 wheeler electric cars are still a lot of people choosing. This may be because the buyer himself is harmful but because of the economic condition does not allow them to choose cheap electric cars 4 wheels. There are also people because their needs are not necessary to use the new genuine electric cars. For example, just a new urban area, they need to buy 1, 2 cars to help people move within the urban campus to visit the house then with them the cheap electric cars are the logical option.

Bad benefit when the "Ham" electric car 4 wheels cheap

Many people still choose cheap old tram without membrane to harm

There are also a lot of people who do not care about the quality of the car, no need to notice the components installed on the car or the safety of the car brought but only care about the price, they chose electric car 4 wheels cheap.

Many people are worried about that, buying new genuine cars will be very expensive. However, just about 200 million is that you were able to own a brand-free Vietnamese VN Electric Car branded car of Tung Lam.

Tung Lam is the first company to manufacture and assemble electric cars 4 wheels in the country so the price is extremely competitive, all components are imported genuine from abroad. Tung Lam offers a variety of car models such as tourist tram, hospital tram, golf tram… When purchasing the VN Electric Car tram of Tung Lam, you will enjoy genuine warranty up to 12 months, in addition, there will be more exclusive deals for loyal customers.

Bad benefit when the "Ham" electric car 4 wheels cheap

Tung Lam – the unit directly produces and assembles electric cars

With genuine electric cars, you can be assured of the quality but the amount of money is less than the purchase of cheap 4 wheeler electric cars if calculated in the long term.

All information about Tung Lam Company please contact:

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD

Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh.


Hotline: 0966649486 (Mr. Tung)

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