The following is a change of return policy that Tung Lam Trading Services & Co., LTD applies to all customers who purchase goods in the retail system of Tung Lam Company & Production Trading Services LTD as follows :


In order to ensure consumer rights, improve the quality after sales service, Tung Lam Trading Services & Co., LTD will support you to redeem new products the same type if the problem products are not remediable (due to technical errors Manufacturer). The product is only modified when fully meets the following conditions below.

1. The product is changed immediately after the customer receives the goods and checks that the product is not properly requested and our commitment.
2. The product must also seal sealing Company's trading services CO., LTD & production of Tung Lam or manufacturer.
3. The product is determined to be technically defective by the technicians of the service trading company LIMITED & Tung Lam or the manufacturer.
4. The return product must be intact barrel, foam and full of accessories, promotional gifts (if any)…
5. The product receives no faulty form (scratches, breakage, distortion, yellowing,…)
6. The product must be fully received with the same documents as (purchase documents, VAT invoices if applicable, Warranty Slip, Guidebook, Catalogue…)

1. You would like to change the type, the model without prior notice.
2. You operate incorrectly to cause product failure.
3. You do not make the required rules to obtain the warranty (e.g. without sending the warranty slip on the correct place within the specified time)
4. You make your own impact on the condition outside the product such as tearing packaging, scratch, scratch,,…
5. The product has been examined and signed for confirmation of status but then you request to return the goods for the reason for errors in appearance (scratches, distortions, gold stain, rupture…).

1. You contact our company directly on the website: and the sales agents of the trading service company LIMITED & Tung Lam.
After having issued a certificate of status with the content of the damaged goods due to technical error can not be repaired immediately, the change will be made in accordance with the company LIMITED Production Service & Tung Lam and manufacturer.
2. The procedure for processing the change or return procedure is carried out within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of sufficient information and the prescribed documents from the client side.