After completing the basic items, the largest temple in the world – Tam wish Pagoda will be an important connection point in the spiritual tourist triangle between Ha Nam – Ninh Binh and Ha Noi. And for a favorable pilgrimage, the tram promises to be indispensable means of transportation.

Why do electric cars play an important role in the spiritual tourist resorts?

Easy Transfer from the parking point to the temple/Temple/scenic Gate

It can be easily found in large spiritual zones, the distance from the beach holding the car (car, motorbike) to the temple gate, is usually quite distant. This distance can be up to several hundred metres or even a few kilometers. This has created a lot of inconvenience for pilgrims, especially older people or have health problems.

Bai Dinh Temple Relic Area
Bai Dinh Temple Relic Area

To tackle this situation, in some spiritual points, there have been a set of car hugging teams and motorcycles to transfer guests from the parking garage to the gate or from these worship points to other worship points in the same relic. However, the limitations of moving by car hug, motorcycles are not carrying many people at the same time; Cars move loud and cause safe loss for those walking…

From the above, the method of using electric cars has been given and received many support for tourists. Thanks to the tram, you can easily move to the group from the parking point to the temple foot, without any loss. Furthermore, during the move, the crew can chat, and the cost of leaving the costs is not too much.

Transportation is the number of adults, suitable for the holidays, pilgrimage

As above mentioned, visitors to the spiritual tourist areas often go on quite a crowded group. So the scheme separates into groups of two or three people to ride hug, motorcycles are not feasible. Not to mention, such a move is easily caused in traffic distress or groups are lost, not on time…

Tam Wish Pagoda Relic

Therefore, a rental electric car will be the most reasonable suggestion. Depending on the number of people, your crew can choose a small car (about 4 seats) or a larger car (14-seat tram). In particular, when moving by tram, the ceremony or the items carried along will also be transported easily.

Quiet operation, no noise, no environmental harm

We all know, fresh, quiet and natural elements are often conspicuous in temples, pagodas, and spiritual resorts. In order to maintain this, indirect causes of influence such as smoke, vehicle noise, gas fumes, and so on… Will often be banned.

Tourist tram at the ruins of Tien Pagoda, Hoa Binh
Tourist tram at the ruins of Tien Pagoda, Hoa Binh

Returning to the use of electric cars, because this type of vehicle uses electrical power to operate, this is considered the most convenient type of environment at the present time. Not only that, the car also moves quite smoothly, does not cause loud noises such as motorcycles or conventional cars.

It can be said, this is one of the key factors that help the electric vehicle to be selected for transporting guests here.

Connecting the Heritage Cruise Ha Nam – Ninh Binh by tram travel

If, in the past, Henan is only known as an agricultural province, the present time, visitors mention it as a point not to be missed with the world’s largest pagoda – Tam Wish Pagoda. Along with the honored populations of Trang An – Bai Dinh of Ninh Binh and Huong Pagoda of Hanoi, Tam to Pagoda in Ba Sao, Henan will be a vertex in the spiritual triangle of tourism of people in the country as well as international visitors.

On the connection journey, the tourist tram will be indispensable means of transportation. Aware of this, in the tourist area, the tram system was put into operation quite a lot. In it, Vietnam electric car brand Vietnam Vn Electric Car is the preferred car line of choice.

Tram at the ruins of Ba Vang Pagoda, Quang Ninh
Tram at the ruins of Ba Vang Pagoda, Quang Ninh

Electric car VN is firmly assembled, compact design, modern suitable for all terrain and space. Optimal motor vehicles do not cause noise and toxic emissions, while saving energy, are environmentally friendly. The maximum movement speed for the vehicle is 23km/h so it is safe to use. Especially, vehicles that are assembled in the country with the warranty period for customers up to 12 months should be easily replaced and repaired, convenient for the unit of customers.

Customers are interested and need to invest electric cars for the spiritual tourist areas, contact the following address to be private and answer the best:

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD

Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh


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