Golf is a trending sport in our country. International golf courses are opened with a variety of professional services such as golf electric cars to cater to the needs of golfers.

Golfing is slowly becoming a trend in the life of upstream. Dubbed as “noble” Sport for high-income people, the services included in the golf course, especially the international golf course, must also be professional and class. Using the electric car to move is an indispensable service in the international golf course as this product has a lot of outstanding advantages.

Move flexibly across multiple terrain

Vietnam now has nearly 100 international standard golf courses, which are divided into 4 different types of terrain including the links course, golf courses (parkland course), desert course, vintage Golf (Heath-land course). Each golf course has obstacles, grass surfaces, and different gradients. Therefore, it is necessary to move in a golf course so that the type of vehicle can be compact design, sure and the wheels have good friction to move across multiple terrain.

Electric car: Products that create the norm for international golf course

Electric cars are suitable products for international golf course

VIETNAM Electric Car Golf Tram’s production and distribution by Tung Lam is the product for every international golf course. VN Electric Car electric car is designed with sturdy aluminium alloy frame, good friction tires, capable of climbing reach 20% and the system of safety mechanical brakes for users.

Fuel economy

International golf courses, especially the 18-hole golf course, have a large area of about 5900-6400 meters from the first spot to the final hole. The move in the course of play of the golf-er will become difficult if no moving product is on the long distance.

Electric car: Products that create the norm for international golf course

Tram 4 seats dedicated to Tung Lam’s golf course

VN Electric Car Electric golf battery with high life span, moving between 60-80km after a charge, is the right vehicle to travel in international golf course. In particular, electric vehicles can be moved gently, quietly, not causing loud noises affecting the golfing excitement of golfers.

Environmentally friendly

International golf courses are often constructed in cool, lush air-cooled places, suitable for golfers to play a relaxing sport after stressful working hours. Therefore, clean, fresh environment is the must have of all international standard golf courses.

VIETNAM Electric Car Golf Course can do that because of a fuel-saving product, no toxic dust-smoke, completely environmentally friendly. Electric cars will contribute to the system of services in the golf course become more professional, more advanced and reach international standards.

Electric car: Products that create the norm for international golf course

VIETNAM Electric Car Brand Golf electric car has a sporty style, personality

Electric car investment for international Golf is a smart choice, elevating the level of services that come with golfing and creating satisfaction for golfers. If you are having an international standard golf course but do not have a tram service for golfer, contact Tung Lam to purchase the 2-seat golf tram, a 4-seat car with outstanding features and reasonable price , making the golf course increasingly evolving.

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