As a modern vehicle with the ability to carry large quantities, without causing noise, environmentally friendly, electric vehicles have become an indispensable means of moving in the spiritual tourist resorts

In recent years, this type of spiritual tourism tends to grow increasingly, especially at the beginning of the year, when the whole country is busy with thousands of festivals attracting tens of millions of attendees. However, there are many points that arise, especially in terms of migration activities. Accordingly, many solutions have been adopted and the inclusion of electric cars 4 wheels into operation has brought many positive variables to the spirituality of sustainable development.

Electric vehicles enhance the quality of service for spiritual tourism zones

The presence of electric cars at the spiritual tourist resorts has contributed greatly in improving the quality of service of tourists.

In previous years, tourists mostly walked or used the services of unauthorized arising such as vehicles hugging. By the majority of visitors who usually only visit for a short period of time, the distance moves quite far, the health does not allow. This has resulted in the status of security in increasingly complicated tourist areas. Even more accidents have happened, seriously affecting the lives of the guests as well as the faces of the tourist resorts.


Electric cars serve the tourist needs of tourists in the spiritual tourist areas

The inclusion of tourist electric vehicles in the spiritual tourist zone has minimized traffic accidents significantly. With a robust design, smooth operation, medium speed, tourists have to save time and ensure a health guarantee. From there, create psychological comfort as well as trust for the users when coming to the spiritual tourist resorts.

In particular, the operation of the electric vehicle at the tourist resorts is strictly managed so security order problem is also improved, the status of the customer is completely terminated.

Contributing to preserve the landscape and environment for the spiritual tourist resorts

Spiritual attractions such as temples, pagodas, shrines, stations, tombs, sacred lands… Often associated with the distinctive landscape and traditional cultural values. Therefore, protecting the landscape and environment for these locations is always on the top.


Electric vehicles do not emit noise and toxic emissions protecting the landscape and the environment for spiritual zones

With the advantage of electric power, when operating without noise, not to emit toxic gases, the transfer of electric vehicles not only contributes to serving the needs of tourists on the cruise lines and in the , the point is that the maximum limit of noise, dust and smoke, bring the space quiet, fresh for the spiritual tourist areas.

Through this, spiritual tourism activities bring the experience, balance, relaxation for tourists to visit, to worship, pray. At the same time, preserving and promoting traditional cultural-religious values.

Creating jobs and economic development

Investing electric cars at the spiritual tourist resorts, organizations apart from that also help increase income, create jobs for local people, promote socio-economic development. Besides, electric cars are capable of transporting relatively large number of passengers (maybe more than 10 people) that the fee for one move by means is also quite cheap, suitable for all subjects. In economic terms, both investors, tourists and workers are benefited.


Electric car investment helps to develop the economy, creating jobs for people

To improve the quality, the form of service, help visitors achieve the need to enjoy natural values, culture, history, satisfying the needs of spirituality. At the same time, earning profits, creating jobs for indigenous people, electric vehicles are on an affirmation of their important role in the spiritual tourist resorts. This is an important step in the path of sustainable development of sacred tourist resorts.

Electric car brand free-Vn Electric Car of Tung Lam wave coverage in the spiritual tourist zone

At present, there are many large and small electric car brands ranging from electric cars to the main multi-company electric vehicles which are sourced from abroad, mainly China. But especially, the only brand of Vn Electric Car of Tung Lam CO., LTD is a Vietnamese electric car brand. Accordingly, Tung Lam electric cars have a lot of strengths that stand out and have the quality is not less than any other foreign electric vehicle brand.


Tram brand Vietnam-Vn Electric Car of Tung Lam

Electric car VN is firmly assembled, compact design, modern suitable for all terrain and space. Optimal motor vehicles do not cause noise and toxic emissions, while saving energy, are environmentally friendly. The maximum movement speed for the vehicle is 23km/h so it is safe to use. Especially, vehicles that are assembled in the country with the warranty period for customers up to 12 months should be easily replaced and repaired, convenient for the unit of customers.

Customers are interested and need to invest electric cars for the spiritual tourist areas, contact the following address to be private and answer the best:

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD
Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh
Hotline: 0966649486 (Mr. Tung)

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