As a country famous for many beautiful scenes, unique culture and diverse cuisine, Vietnam has always been the attractive destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. However, the number of mutated tourists making the move, sightseeing at many tourist attractions becomes cluttered, safer than ever before. At this point, the electric bus appears to have brought new “airflow” to Vietnam’s tourism industry with a lot of utilities.

Traffic: The “nightmare” of Vietnamese travel

Vietnam’s traffic is now a matter of trouble, so that visitors are not worried. First to mention traffic congestion in Vietnam, especially in major cities. The population grew rapidly along with the process of urbanchemistry, people migrating to large cities living and working to make the population density increasingly high. In addition, the move is mostly by motorbike, so traffic congestion becomes more severe.

Electric tour bus-traffic solutions with many benefits

The condition of traffic congestion pulled under air pollution in Vietnam

The strong means of transport that pull according to air pollution become increasingly serious, greatly affecting human health. Worried about this, many visitors to Vietnam travel have chosen to walk to sightseeing. However, most tourist attractions have a very large area, you can not have enough time and effort to be able to experience it all. If the ride hugs, the guest group will be torn apart, not to mention the additional costs expected.

The above difficulties have driven the inventor to research and produce vehicles using electrical energy to protect the environment. And electric buses that serve tourism-the kind of vehicles allowed to run in the main tourist areas are incredibly intelligent choices. The Ministry of Transportation said that as of 1/2018, there were 21 localities authorized by the Prime Minister to license the tourism service business with a 4-wheel motor vehicle to carry passengers in certain ranges.

Electric tour bus – transportation solutions with many benefits

To improve the quality of service and attract visitors, many resorts, temples, beaches… Have invested the electric bus system as the means of transportation with the desire to bring the best travel experience to visitors.

Safety for users

To be able to operate smoothly and quietly, the electric travel vehicle is designed with truly high-quality motors. Thanks to simple construction, electric fuel is recommended, so the tourist tram does not need a fuel and cooling system. More specifically, with a sharp car brake system, good water resistance, high electrical power with smart electronic lock, tourist tram will ensure maximum velocity reaches 20 – 30km/h, very safe with the user.

Electric tour bus-traffic solutions with many benefits

Electric bus safety with users

Environmentally friendly

Because electric fuels are recommended, the tourist tram does not emit any gases that pollute the environment, such as automobiles or motorcycles, and does not cause noise on the move. This is the ideal means of the resort, the beach, the hospital… To ensure the green, clean focus of all campus and habitat.

Electric tour bus-traffic solutions with many benefits

4-wheeled tram is dubbed the “green Car” of the environment

Fuel economy, maintenance cost, maintenance

Designed with higher energy conversion performance compared to the engines using combustion fuels in the so-called electric travel vehicles are very fuel efficient. Especially, the amount of electricity consumed per charge is extremely low, the cost is only 10 thousand VND for the 100km distance – it is too cheap compared to the fuel cost for traditional cars.

Electric tour bus-traffic solutions with many benefits

With a simple design, the tourist tram helps fuel economy and maintenance cost

And yet, when using the tourist tram, we can save the cost of maintenance, maintenance by a very simple structure. Instead of having to replace oil, bu-gi, belt movements… Like cars, electric cars just need maintenance tires, brake pads and brake disks. As for the maintenance, we only focus on the battery of the car for timely replacement.

Convenient, easy to use

With its slim design, diverse colors, suitable for a variety of terrain, tourist tram can satisfy all needs of tourists. The number of seats on the large car, from 2 to 14 seats, can be completely assured when traveling together, see the surroundings without fear of missing out on anything.

Electric tour bus – transportation solutions with many benefits

The tourist tram is extremely convenient for visitors

VN Electric Car tourist Electric bus – Vietnamese car brands meet international standards

To capture the essential needs of the market, Tung Lam conducted research and brought the first electric car to bring brand VN Electric Car with many outstanding advantages. Currently, Tung Lam Production and service Trading Co., LTD is the first and only unit in Vietnam to apply modern technology to assemble and produce the standard tourist tram of the Ministry of TRANSPORT. Tung Lam specializes in providing tourism electric vehicles branded in VIETNAM Electric Car quality, safe and suitable for all subjects.

Electric tour bus-traffic solutions with many benefits

Tung Lam Production and service Trading Co., LTD is the first and only unit in Vietnam to apply modern technology for assembling and producing tourist tram

With many advantages such as: The car is assembled in the country should be easily replaced and repaired, competitive price, optimal motor to increase the productivity of the operation while saving energy, environmentally friendly… Tung Lam electric car has become an exclusive partner with the positive feedback and high credibility of the resort, golf, hospital, tourist area… In many provinces across the country.

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