In recent times, Ha Nam attracted thousands of visitors to visit Tam May pagoda. In order to serve the tourist needs of tourists in the best way, the investment of extra electric cars is one of the necessary jobs.

Ha Nam is pushing the development of spirituality, investing in Tam wishing Pagoda

Ha Nam is one of the most attractive spiritual tourist places chosen by many people. Coming to Ha Nam, you can visit Truc Temple, Ba Đanh Pagoda, Lanh Giang temple, Vu Dien Temple… And especially Tam wish Pagoda.

Henan: Improve the number of electric vehicles serving the needs of spiritual tourism

Tam Good temple is invested in building the world’s largest temple with 5000ha

In recent years, the Henan is pushing for the development of spiritual tourism, especially the construction of Tam wish Pagoda to be the largest temple in the world. The total area of the populations was up to 5000ha, which sculpt 1,200 statues with volcanic lava and exhibited many treasures in the world.

Not only investing Tam Thanh become a spiritual cultural area inside of the complex, there is a natural sanctuary of Rainbow and Tam wishing Lake, resorts and tourism community, tourist activities… Thus, in 2013, the Tam may pagoda populations was recognized as the National tourist zone by the state.

The need to use electric car at Tam Linh Tourist zone

Tam Linh Tourist Zone The area is currently one of the most popular places to visit. Therefore, it is necessary to develop services to serve every need of tourists, from eating, having fun to travel… In today’s moving vehicles, the 4 wheel electric cars always get the love of visitors. It gives the user a sense of safety and gives them comfort, excitement. Getting to grips with this, the management of Tam Wish Pagoda also bought electric cars to serve tourists.

Henan: Improve the number of electric vehicles serving the needs of spiritual tourism

The amount of visitors who visit Tam Wishing Pagoda requires a large number of electric cars to serve tourists

Besides, Tam wish tourist area has an area of up to 5000ha, it will be difficult to walk and visit all the populations. From the garage to the spiritual culture district or the resorts, have fun… Separated very far. Therefore, you need to use electric cars to be able to travel the whole area of this tourist.

Moreover, the amount of visitors to the Tam to pagoda is increasingly crowded, to tens of people. Therefore, the need to use tourist electric vehicles to move the tourists more and more.

Improving the number of electric vehicles at the spiritual tourist area, especially the electric car brand Vietnam

In order to cater to the travel needs of the travelers, the management at the spiritual tourist area of Tam Wish has purchased a series of electric cars. However, with the amount of participants growing, the number of vehicles is not enough. Therefore, raising the number of electric vehicles at Tam Testament Pagoda is essential, especially the use of free-brand electric vehicles.

In the future, Tam wish Pagoda will become the largest temple in the world, the potential for tourism development is extremely large. This also means that tourists visiting not only the Vietnamese but also foreign tourists. Using a free brand electric car not only makes it easy to move, but also contributes to promoting a brand of Vietnamese electric cars with foreigners.

On the other hand, the electric car is produced in the country with no inferior quality of the electric vehicles of developed countries in the world. Besides, because domestic production, the vehicle design is very suitable for the terrain moving in Vietnam. Prices and warranty is also more convenient.

Henan: Improve the number of electric vehicles serving the needs of spiritual tourism

Henan: Improve the number of electric vehicles serving the needs of spiritual tourism

Tung Lam electric car for Ba Vang Temple, Quang Ninh

Currently, referring to the free brand electric car, a lot of people know the electric car VN Electric Car of Tung Lam Production and service trading company LIMITED. This is also the first unit directly manufactured as well as the assembly of electric cars in the country. There have been a lot of business units of electric vehicles in the spiritual tourism zone in particular and at the tourist areas in general choose to buy quality electric cars of Tung Lam as the company Tien Lam Form Pagoda (Hoa Binh) , management at Ba Vang Pagoda (Quang Ninh),…

VIETNAM Electric Car Tourist tram operated by Tung Lam Co., Ltd is a good choice for management in the tourist area of Tam wish when to add the number of quality electric cars.

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