If you are fed up with the use of motorcycles, buses, chains or bicycles in the tourist areas, moving by the tram will bring you a new, exciting experience. Let’s see what that is!

At 30/4 – 1/5 this year, which lasts up to 4 days, this is a time that cannot be better suited for you and your family, relatives enjoy travel and “refresh” yourself after a period of work. But the use of motorcycles, buses, and chains in the journey to discover new places makes you feel boring, bland, and want to look for something else. Then the electric cars are the kind of vehicles you need during the holiday day!

Extremely convenient

Many people say that using bicycles or motorcycles is also very convenient as you can stop whenever you want. This is true but these vehicles encounter huge obstacles with the weather. Why?

Try the fantasy under the intense sunny weather of summer, you sit on a bike, motorbike and take in the views of nature, the street. The sweat is tight, the person who seals the head to toe does not look different from the street ninja. Well, you must not want to make your journey into an “act”?

Holiday Home 30/4-1/5: Why move by tram?

Use bicycles and compact motorcycles but will be very inconvenient in bad weather conditions

But if you use the electric car, rain not to the face, sunshine not to the head, you can completely believe the eye-catching items as well as the comfort of nature or the street.

Environmentally friendly

Using electrical energy means to replace other fuels is a very popular trend in the world. As compared to motorcycles, buses do not use gasoline. Therefore, it not only saves costs but also contributes not small in reducing emissions beyond the environment. At the same time, the tram also does not cause noise, making it easy to soak up the peaceful space of nature.

That’s why in many big cities or high-class resorts, electric vehicles are heavily used.

Holiday Home 30/4-1/5: Why move by tram?

The amount of emissions from motorcycles and buses has a very bad impact on the environment

Ideal for families, close friends

Exactly. You will be hard to just chat with people, driving if you use bicycles, motorcycles or sprocket as these vehicles usually carry only 1 – 2 people. With the bus, the seats more than you would be able to suffer the scene or “Enjoy” enough scent in the car. For those who are drunk, subject to weakness, this is nothing more extreme.

However, the electric cars that can solve this problem are quite easy. To meet the needs of tourists, nowadays, many electric vehicles have produced large-sized cars, with a wide number of seats, from 4 – 14 seats, suitable for groups or households.

Experience an enjoyable holiday with the electric car Made in Vietnam

You see, electric cars overcome all the disadvantages of bicycles, motorcycles, Cyclo, buses, help you get a perfect and memorable holiday. And something more meaningful if you use a tourist electric car produced by the Vietnamese in the journey to discover the country’s landmarks.

Holiday Home 30/4-1/5: Why move by tram?

Tung Lam Tram is very heavily used at resorts and tourist resorts in Vietnam

As the first unit in Vietnam to study and produce high quality electric vehicles, Tung Lam Production and service trading company has been a reliable partner of many enterprises, is the first choice of Vietnamese consumers. With a team of experienced technicians, skilled expertise, after more than 10 years of appearance, Tung Lam has introduced to the market multi-line electric cars with modern designs, aesthetic and especially extremely safe. With a robust design, spacious seating, quiet and breathable, the electric car models of Tung Lam will accompany you to any location.

In particular, Tung Lam Tram also integrates the charging socket and WiFi device, to help you comfortably use your phone, camera to save the beautiful pictures or photo ups “virtual live”.

Are you ready for travel with Tung Lam Tram?

All information about Tung Lam Company please contact:

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD

Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh.

Email: info@tunglamco.com.vn

Hotline: 0966649486 (Mr. Tung)

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