Blind Cang Chai is a potential tourist destination in the second Yen Bai. What is the investment of the tourist tram in blind to note?

Wild beauty sucking visitors of blind Cang Chai

Blind Cang is a high district of Yen Bai Province, about 300km from Ha Noi. Long ago, blind Cang Chai became the tourist attraction to attract thousands of visitors to visit the holidays as Hung Vuong 10/3, vacation 30/4-1/5, summer vacation, spring,…

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

The tourist resort at Blind Cang Chai

Coming to Blind Cang Chai, you will be immersed in the nature of dreaming and lyrical. Blind Cang is famous for its terraced rice terraces, stretching over 2200ha, have been voted by international press in the top 12 most beautiful terraced fields in the world. Each harvest season, the ripe rice and golden salad, spread out over the mountains of the chorus, create a stunning beauty.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

Ripe rice incubated on rice terraces

Blind Cang Chai also has winding and steep roads as the challenge of curiosity and passion for discovery in the Khau Phmu Pass or the social entrance to Cu Nha. The villages of ethnic minority people with friendly people, backstage and features in culture, local cuisine are also unique points to tourists both at domestic and abroad.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

A pass for passionate travel enthusiasts

It is because of the natural favor of the unintended beauty that blind Cang chai is being Yen Bai building project planning into the national important tourist destination. Only in the first 6 months of 2018, Blind Cang Chai is welcoming 253,234 passengers, of which the international visitor reaches 11,783 turns and domestic visitors reaches 241,451 respectively. Yen Bai Province is targeting year 2020, blind Cang Chai will pick up 700,000 passengers, of which international guests reach 40,000 turns; 2025 won 1.2 million passengers, of which the international visitors reached 90,000 turns.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

Tourists pour back to blind Cang chai each holiday is increasingly crowded

In order to serve a large variety of tourists, blind Cang Chai need to develop more of the facilities, especially transportation for visitors. Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai will be a useful service to cater to the travel needs, tourist attractions.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

Electric travel vehicles suitable for use in blind Cang chai Resorts

4 Note When investing tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

1. Pick a tourist tram that fits the terrain

Blind Cang Chai is mountainous terrain, the paths are winding, winding, and many steep passages, it is necessary to choose a tourist tram with a feature to overcome this point. Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai is the vehicle with good friction wheels and is capable of climbing the steep passages.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

VN Electric Car Tourist tram is suitable for the terrain blind Cang Chai

The electric car brand VN Electric Car is manufactured and distributed by Tung Lam Tram in the country, has a design suitable for Vietnam’s terrain. Some lines of VN Electric Car can climb to 20 degrees, which is a reasonable choice to become a tourist tram at blind Cang Chai.

2. Choose an environmentally friendly electric car

Blind Cang Chai Province is oriented Yen Bai development is a green tourist area. Therefore, the products and services here must also meet environmentally friendly criteria. Electric cars 4 Wheels at Blind Cang Chai will be the perfect choice because it can move gently, quietly, without polluting noise and not exhaust toxic dust out of the air.

3. Choose the electric car with the rugged design

With its characteristic terrain such as blind Cang Chai, the tourist electric cars must have a robust and durable design. If you would like to invest in Vietnam’s tourist tram in blind, VN Electric Car’s product is a hint not bad because it can satisfy every criterion of certainty and endurance.

Tram tourist at Blind Cang Chai

Tram VN Electric Car will be the new service for high-altitude tourism at blind Cang Chai

4. Choose a tram that can carry more

Yen Bai Province is setting a target for hundreds of thousands of visitors to blind and brushed every year. Therefore, the ability to transport passengers is a crucial factor when choosing to buy a tourist tram at blind Cang Chai.

VN Electric Car Brand offers passenger tram lines with large number of seats such as 10-seater car, 11-seater car, 12-seater car and 14 seater car, helping units with a planned investment tram travel can be freely selected.

The electric car VN Electric Car of Tung Lam will bring to tourism blind Cang brushed a new look. You need to order quality electric car at blind Cang Chai can contact us according to the information below.

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