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The story of the first four-wheel mounted electric motor vehicle in Vietnam

In front of the disadvantage of having to depend on the field of four-wheel tram [...]

A day of sightseeing factory, assemble four wheel electric car Made in Vietnam

With the desire to bring consumers quality electric car products, Tung Lam has built factory, [...]

Bad benefit when the “Ham” electric car 4 wheels cheap

Buying a cheap 4 wheeler electric car is a reasonable approach to saving money, while [...]

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Car hug, chain, bus is not the most optimal solution for transportation in the tourist [...]

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

If in the end, consumers are still concerned with the technology of assembling Vietnam’s electric [...]

Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

What do you think will make the trip perfect? Besides human, shelter, food means that [...]

Important note When investing in tram travel at Blind Cang Chai

Blind Cang Chai is a potential tourist destination in the second Yen Bai. What is [...]

Electric tour bus – transportation solutions with many benefits

As a country famous for many beautiful scenes, unique culture and diverse cuisine, Vietnam has [...]

Should I purchase cheap old electric cars?

The old cheap tram is one of the options of many individuals and businesses. However, [...]

Choose to buy electric cars for the urban area longer need to choose good?

Choose to buy electric cars for the urban area longer need to choose good? [...]