Moving by motorbike, automobile causes environmental pollution, insecurity of order in some spiritual areas today is increasingly aggravated. This makes it difficult for travel management of the units to become extremely challenging. So choosing a tourist tram is really fixing this situation?

The fact of the use of moving vehicles at the spiritual tourist zone

In recent years, the tourism sector of our country is growing, especially spiritual tourism. Number of temples, pagodas, shrines. Very large construction from the north to the south, which pulls according to the rising tourist volume. This has made it more complex to manage security, order, and environment.

Previously, tourists often had to walk to visit the spiritual areas. However, with a temple area up to a thousand hectares, the distance moves quite far so visitors do not have enough time and effort to visit all the tourist attractions. Inconvenient, someone chose to ride hugging but the crew was torn apart, unable to walk together, not to mention the price cut.

Should electric vehicle selection be transportation in spiritual areas? Guests often have to walk to visit the spiritual area

Sadly, some visitors have a good experience at the spiritual tourist area will recommend friends, relatives should not choose this place to visit. That makes the tourist destinations lose a huge amount of visitors.

To overcome this situation, many spiritual resorts have decided to put on the use of electric cars to serve the needs of people by the convenience of this medium.

Besides, the tourist tram is also known as the “green” product by the extremely environmentally friendly characteristic. Since there are electric cars, many spiritual resorts attract larger customers by tightened security, the media system serves the needs of transportation and the visitors become synchronized, quality at extremely reasonable prices. Therefore, many resorts are required to replenish the huge amount of cars to ensure the needs of tourists.

Should electric vehicle selection be transportation in spiritual areas?

Electric travel vehicles are very environmentally friendly

Why choose electric cars to move in the spiritual areas?

Although recently appeared in recent times, electric cars have quickly captured tourists ‘ feelings by a lot of advantages.

The first Plus is to mention that the electric car uses electrical energy, does not cause noise during operation, does not emit toxic gases to the environment such as motorcycles or automobiles. This contributes to the preservation of the landscape, the environment, bring fresh air, quiet in the spiritual tourist areas.

Should electric vehicle selection be transportation in spiritual areas?Tram brings fresh air, quiet in the spiritual areas

The next point is that the electric car is designed in modern style, eye-catching colors, the number of seats is quite large (12-14 seats) so visitors can completely rest assured when traveling with the group. Be seated together on the ride to enjoy all the surroundings that will bring you the very exciting tourist tram experience.

Should electric vehicle selection be transportation in spiritual areas?Modern designed cars, eye-catching colors, large number of seats

In particular, with maximum operating speed of only 25-30km/h so the tram is very safe for users. And yet, the braking system is a sharp vehicle, good water resistance, high electrical performance and smart electronic lock gives high durability and easy to use.

These advantages of electric cars have helped to operate the spiritual tourism of tourists in high quality, safer and more civilicity. Since then, the cultural values-traditional ethnic beliefs are preserved and promoted.

Tung Lam Tourist tram-Vn Electric Car: Vietnamese international brand

The tourism sector develops on demand for electric cars growing in all tourist destinations. Many tourist management units are firmly in the selection of high-quality, reputable electric cars and reasonable prices.

Tung Lam Production and service Trading Co., LTD is the first and only unit in Vietnam to apply modern technology to assemble and produce the international standard of tourist vehicles.

With the motto to set the criteria of prestige, quality to the top, Tung Lam specializes in supplying the type of tourist electric car branded VN Electric Car competitive price, energy saving, safe for users and environmentally friendly.

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