In front of the disadvantage of having to depend on the field of four-wheel tram in the world, 2004, the first electric vehicle branded “VN Electric Car” was born and achieved many major achievements. The story below will help us better understand the journey of joining and practical application of the four wheel drive electric motors in Vietnam.

Four wheel drive with electric motor and journey into Vietnam

In the past, Vietnam was heavily dependent on the automotive industry in the world, including the four-wheeled tram field. This dependence causes us to be subject to a very high import tariff that the quality of the electric car is not yet truly guaranteed. It is not to mention the warranty procedure, replacing, repairing the accessories incredibly complex.

Warranty procedures, replacement accessories, repair of imported electric vehicles are very complex

This is also the reason why consumers have difficulties in choosing electric cars that cater to the needs of moving in tourist resorts, golf courses or hospitals, medical facilities…

Understanding those difficulties, the year 2004, Tung Lam Co., LTD has successfully built four-wheeled electric vehicle branded “VN Electric Car”. With the desire to bring the best experience to the users, Tung Lam always renovated in terms of quality and service. In the near future, surely electric cars will be the common use trend, aimed towards a fresh, smoke-free living environment.

Why is the tram increasingly popular in Vietnam?

Although recently appeared in recent times, the four-wheel tram has quickly captured public affection from various types: personal electric vehicles, golf electric cars, hospital electric vehicles and tourist electric vehicles with a lot of outstanding advantages :

Safety for users

Electric vehicles are equipped with high-grade motors with smooth operation and smoothness. In particular, the braking system is very responsive, good water resistance, high electrical power and smart electronic lock for efficient vehicles with maximum speed of only 25-30km/h. This speed ensures the safety of the user.

The story of the first four-wheel mounted electric motor vehicle in Vietnam

With simple design, the tram is very safe with the user

Suitable for different terrain types

Designed to be simple, lightweight, eye-catching colors, large number of seats and airy, the tram is suitable for the terrain types from golf, resort, hospitals to the spiritual tourist areas. Therefore, electric cars are one of the most convenient means of transportation at affordable prices.

Environmentally friendly

When traditional vehicles use gas, gasoline burns fuel polluting the environment, the electric car completely overcome that. Using power when operating, electric vehicles are considered “green means” to help bring fresh air to the living environment, protecting everyone’s health.

The story of the first four-wheel mounted electric motor vehicle in Vietnam

Electric cars bring fresh air to the living environment

Power saving

This is also a striking feature of four-wheeled electric vehicles. With the cost of less than 10 thousand VND, tram can run up to 100km with a capacity of tens of people. And yet, just have a power supply, you can charge it at any time with a very simple operation.

Tung Lam Electric car-VN Electric Car-the first and only unit in Vietnam to assemble and produce the international standard electric car

In 2013, the “study on designing and manufacturing of electric vehicles to serve the movement of patients in the hospital and optimizing the saving, using energy efficiency in accordance with Vietnamese conditions” by the group of Heads of economic engineer Nguyen Thong Lam-Director Tung Lam Production and service trading company LIMITED has honored the award, the Vietnamese Science and Technology Innovation Award 2013 (VIFOTEC).

In addition to the new, innovative, electric car VN Electric Car is also highly appreciated for its economic and social performance, especially environmentally friendly features and fuel economy.

With 15 years of continuous innovation and development according to the needs of the market, Tung Lam electric car-VN Electric Car is proud to be the Vietnam brand with the breadth of experience as well as leading position in the field of manufacturing and assembling high-quality electric vehicles.

The story of the first four-wheel mounted electric motor vehicle in Vietnam

Tung Lam Electric car-VN Electric Car is the leading Vietnamese brand in the field of manufacturing and assembling high quality electric vehicles.

Besides the tram service to the hospital, Tung Lam also produces electric car models that cater to individual needs, resorts, golf courses or other resorts… With a large volume of transportation. All parts of Tung Lam Tram have been recognized by the Ministry of TRANSPORT safety standards, so the user can be completely assured when using.

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