On 27/2, Korean high-level diplomatic delegation came to Hai Phong to visit Vinfast Factory and VinEco farm of VinGroup. During the trip there was the presence of Vietnam electric car brand Electric Car.

Electric cars take the Korean delegation to visit Vinfast Factory

Leading the Korean delegation to VinGroup was the vice chairman of the Labour Party of Korea Ri Su Yong. Along with Mr. Ri Su Yong, the other two vice presidents are Kim Pyong Hee, O Su Yong; The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces No Kwang Chol, the secretary of Gangwon-Park Yong Nam Committee was also present at the visit.

The representative of Vingroup presented on VinFast’s operational and business model with the senior leaders of Korea

At the meeting, after hearing a representative of Vingroup presenting on the model of business activities of VinFast, Vinsmart and VinEco, the Korean delegation had a visit to the automotive housing factory and electric motorcycle factory of VinFast and VinEco Hai Farm Rooms.

The advantages of these electric cars are smooth operation, clean fuel consumption and especially safety

Throughout the tour, dozens of electric cars Made in Viet Nam carry the trademark VN Electric Car of Tung Lam which was used to serve the movement for the delegation. The advantage of these electric cars when moving in the plant is to use clean fuel, without causing noise, suitable for transporting goods, people between workshops and especially safe for production zones.

Electric vehicle VN Electric Car is heavily used in tourist resorts, resorts

Electric car brand VN Electric Car of Tung Lam Production and service company is the first tram line manufactured by Vietnam. Launched in the year 2004, to date, electric car VN Electric Car is increasingly asserted its in the electric car market with the best products, meeting the demand of the quality electric vehicle of the customer without the loss of an external electric car brand. Products have been certified by the Ministry of TRANSPORT, ensuring the safety of users.

With outstanding advantages, electric car VN Electric Car has been in most provinces throughout the country and is well appreciated by customers. This is also the reason help Tung Lam has become the exclusive partner of many resorts, golf, hospitals, resorts in the provision of freight cars, passenger, Tram hospital… Some prominent names include: Long Thanh Golf Course, Thu Duc golf Course, Furama Villas Da Nang, Fusion Resort Nha Trang, Tuan Chau tourist zone – Quang Ninh, Sam Son – Thanh Hoa Tourist district, Army Central Hospital 108 , Bach Mai Hospital, the project belongs to Vingroup…

VIETNAM Electric Car Golf course in Tung Lam

In the near future, Tung Lam Tram will continue to research, promote production, improve the quality of service to produce quality electric models, with the latest model, meet the increasing demands of consumers , contributing to improving the quality of life, contributing positively to environmental protection.


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