If in the end, consumers are still concerned with the technology of assembling Vietnam’s electric vehicles, and now the four-wheel-drive electric cars are the top favorites with many outstanding advantages.

The quality of four wheels of domestic assembly is increasingly enhanced

With the psychology of “foreign Affairs”, many people said that the four-wheeled electric car imports consistently have better quality than domestic assembly vehicles. However, this is not entirely true. Thanks to the current big deal policies, four wheel drive manufacturers and assembling in Vietnam have invested heavily in technology as well as assembly process to produce high-quality cars , competitive price, best meets the needs of the users.

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

The four-wheel electric car is increasingly improving the quality of the

Therefore, the quality of the electric vehicles assembled in the country is increasingly improved, it is not inferior to an imported electric car, even some electric car assembly companies are recognized international standards.

The price is much cheaper than the four-wheeled electric car imports

If the imported car line is subject to a fairly high import-export tax, the local electric car assembly is fully remedied. Depending on the type of electric vehicle that the inland Assembly has a much more offer price. This is also a big plus for consumers in Vietnam.

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

The price of electric vehicles assembled in the country is much cheaper than electric vehicles imported

For many individuals or organizations with no excess investment, the selection of a four-wheeled electric vehicle assembled in the country will help reduce the burden of a much more economical.

Warranty, favorable maintenance

The purchase of a four-wheeled inland car will create better conditions when the customer needs repairs as well as replacement of the fittings. This process is carried out shortly, saving time as well as the cost of users. Therefore, you can be completely assured of this.

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

Repair, warranty and convenient maintenance modes

In particular, Vietnamese branded electric cars are also regularly improved to overcome the disadvantages of the previous and suitable lines for Vietnam terrain.

Tung Lam Tram – VN Electric Car – the first and only unit in Vietnam to assemble and produce electric vehicle to meet international standards

Understanding the essential needs of the market, Tung Lam Production and service Trading Co., LTD has launched the first electric scooter branded VIETNAM Electric Car with many outstanding advantages. Currently, Tung Lam is the first and only unit in Vietnam to apply modern technology to assemble and manufacture the standard four wheel electric scooter of the Ministry of TRANSPORT.

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

Tung Lam Tram is checked for quality before the operation

In particular, in recent times, Tung Lam has researched and assembled to add some new features to the four wheel electric car. The new model has been improved more modern with the odometer system, Bluetooth installation connected to the phone and full speaker wiring system for entertainment when using the tram.

With the criterion of “prestige-quality is the top core value”, all customer service, repair replacement car parts or warranty, maintenance is always covered by Tung Lam No. 1. Therefore, Tung Lam Tram has become the exclusive partner of the resort, golf Tram, hospital, tourist area… In many provinces across the country.

Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

Tung Lam tram handover ceremony for customers

You are interested in and need to buy high-quality electric cars, please contact:

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