What do you think will make the trip perfect? Besides human, shelter, food means that transportation is also a very important factor. The use of 4 wheel electric cars Made in Vietnam to move will surely bring you many exciting experiences.

In recent years, the frequency of the electric cars 4 wheels in tourist resorts, resorts, many days resort, especially the electric cars Made in Vietnam brand VN Electric Car by the company Tung Lam production.

Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

VN Electric car electric car to appear in many tourist areas

To tourist resorts attract large customers such as SaPa – Lao Cai, Ha Long – Quang Ninh, Sam Son – Thanh Hoa, Da Nang City… It is easy to see images of carbon-covered passenger cars on the road. Receiving such favorites is because the electric tourism car Made in Vietnam has many advantages that other means are not available.

Enjoy a scenic view of your travel itinerary

Electric cars 4 Wheels Made in Vietnam are designed to be sure, breathable, not covered by the thickness of the glass, such as by car, you can enjoy the sightseeing during the journey.

It is still said: The eyes are the most beautiful camera, and when you use the tram to move in the tourist area or resort, you can collect all the beautiful scenes of here in a clear way into your eyes. The authentic images you see when you take a tram will surely be a lot better than when you have to look through a car glass!

Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

Ride the electric car easily and soak up the natural scenery

Comfortable to use

The feeling of comfort is something that anyone wants to get when traveling, to resort. Imagine watching, if you travel that you have to be happy on a tight bus, it will be annoying? Instead, you can totally choose to have yourself the most comfortable seats. You can choose to sit first or sit back according to your preference.

On the other hand, the 4-wheeled VN Electric Car electric cars have comfortable and soft leather seat design, so you will have a seat of comfort, softness. Besides, the electric car when the moves limit noise, so you will not feel uncomfortable when you have to hear the motor of the car.

Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

The soft leather seat provides a comfortable, soothing feel

Environmentally friendly 4 wheel electric scooter

As its name suggests, electric cars 4 electric wheels are so incredibly environmentally friendly, do not emit any harmful substances to the environment.

Using a tourist tram is also a perfect choice for those who are drunk. There are many people who like to travel but do not dare to ride cars by fear of smell of gasoline or conditioner smell on the car. However, electric travel electric cars do not have an unpleasant smell but are extremely breathable so you can move around, discovering the natural scenery in the most comfortable state.

The seats are suitable for family, group and

Add a plus point of electric cars that is having spacious seats suitable for travelling by family or group. In addition to the 4-seat electric car or 6-seat tram, Made in Vietnam also has 8 seats, 11 seats or 14 seats. This makes it possible for you to take the group together to share emotions without being lost.

Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

Tung Lam’s tourist tram is suitable for moving in group

With the advantages of electric cars 4 wheels Precision is the means of transportation to get you a complete tour.

If the individual or unit wants to do business with a tourist tram, please contact Tung Lam now! Tung Lam has warranty policy, great customer care and competitive price so you can totally choose the car.

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