Car hug, chain, bus is not the most optimal solution for transportation in the tourist area. Let’s explore the cause and discover methods of improving traffic in the tourist area.

At present, the tourist resorts are growing strongly and attract large amounts of visitors every time there is a holiday. But the passenger’s movements in the tourist resorts, resort are still very difficult because cars hug, chain or bus are not the most optimal means of transportation. What’s the reason?

4 disadvantages when using car hugging, cyclo and buses for the tourist area

1. Is the environmental pollutant agent

Of the three aforementioned means, only the cyclo is environmentally friendly, while buses and refits are among the major air pollutants in the tourist resorts. You will easily see the image of the bus that has to level down the black smoke drop the air every while moving, this is the picture does not fit the resort, resort.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Severe air pollution buses

The fresh, clean atmosphere is one of the tourist attractions of the tourist resorts, especially the sea resorts. Therefore, if the tourist areas do not keep the environment clean, it will gradually lose guests.

2. The management is difficult

In addition to the bus is an easy-to-manage vehicle, the car hugging, cyclo in the tourist areas still components are self-service. The management of the tourist resorts will have many difficulties to manage each individual.

In fact, there are a lot of chain drivers and the car hugging “the worm to make pot”, they chop visitors at the price of the sky, especially foreign guests, leaving bad reputation for the entire tourist area.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Not a handful of chopping chains to make bad photos for tourists

3. Inconvenient for tourists

The three above means of transportation have their own unique points, which makes it possible for you to experience the most satisfied travel experience. The competition bus is only accessible by fixed stops, sometimes with a very long distance from the bus station where they want to arrive. Car hugging and leash, however, can stop at any location depending on the passenger but the trip is only 1-3 people, causing inconvenience to the crowded groups.

4. The cause of sugar congestion

Nowadays, it is not difficult to get to see images of traffic that will have each other on the road at the resort and resort. Buses are quite large, occupying a lot of space on the move. Car hugging and leash the number of too many, sometimes moving does not comply with traffic safety laws should cause a bad road rule.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Serious traffic congestion in tourist areas

Tourist tram: means to bring new look to the tourist area

Tourist tram is the most optimal transportation solution for tourist resorts and resorts. Not only to overcome all the weaknesses of the hugging car, the cyclo and the bus, but also a series of outstanding advantages.

1. Compact design, convenient for visitors

VIETNAM Electric Car Tourist tram has compact design, refined and sporty style, personality. When moving on the way the tram will not occupy too much space, traffic jams in the tourist areas will be settled. Moving by tram, tourists can get down wherever they want without following the fixed route as buses.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

VN Electric Car electric car is suitable for use in tourist resorts, resort

Moreover, the tram can also be moved in the resort areas, taking guests from the entrance to the room area or strolling, the surroundings are very convenient.

2. Move gently

Tourists coming to the tourist area are to stay away from the hustle and stuffy of the big city. Therefore, moving by tram tourist will be a strange new experience for them. Electric car brand VN Electric Car will be the most suitable transportation for the tourist area, especially the spiritual tourism because the move is very gentle, do not make loud noises.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Electric vehicle VN Electric Car at a beach tourist area

3. Environmentally friendly, the ability to transport good passengers

VIETNAM Electric Car Tourist tram is manufactured and distributed by Tung Lam Company is a completely environmentally friendly product. Electric vehicles can be moved from 60 to 80km/charge, with no harmful dust drop, contributing to environmental protection.

Passenger buses for the tourist area also have the ability to transport passengers very well. Electric car VN Electric Car has a range of travel vehicles with a variety of seats such as 10 seats, 11 seats, 12 seats and 14 seats. If you have the need to invest in a tourist tram, there are many choices to consider.

Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

VN Electric car to serve tourists in Ha Long

When the car hugging, chain, bus is no longer the right vehicle, the passenger car is the most optimal transportation solution for the tourist area. Thanks to the great features and reasonable price, so electric car VN Electric Car has been in the series of famous tourist areas such as Sam son-Thanh Hoa, Pagoda Tien-Hoa Binh, Flamingo Dai Lai, Sa Pa town-Lao Cai ,… Guests wishing to purchase quality electric vehicles for the tourist area are kindly requested to contact Tung Lam according to the information below.

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD

Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh.


Hotline: 0966649486 (Mr. Tung)

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