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New information on the use of electric cars in Vietnam as well as the upgrades of Tung Lam tram

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The story of the first four-wheel mounted electric motor vehicle in Vietnam

In front of the disadvantage of having to depend on the field of four-wheel tram in the world, 2004, the first electric vehicle branded "VN Electric Car" was born and...

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A day of sightseeing factory, assemble four wheel electric car Made in Vietnam

With the desire to bring consumers quality electric car products, Tung Lam has built factory, assembled four wheel electric car Made in Vietnam in BAC Ninh with many advantages. Extensive...

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Bad benefit when the “Ham” electric car 4 wheels cheap

Buying a cheap 4 wheeler electric car is a reasonable approach to saving money, while helping to lose the cost of maintenance, but the underlying truth is a lot of...

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Reasons for car hugging, cyclo, bus is not the optimal solution for the tourist area

Car hug, chain, bus is not the most optimal solution for transportation in the tourist area. Let’s explore the cause and discover methods of improving traffic in the tourist area....

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Why choose a four-wheel domestic construction electric car?

If in the end, consumers are still concerned with the technology of assembling Vietnam’s electric vehicles, and now the four-wheel-drive electric cars are the top favorites with many outstanding advantages....

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Full experience of travel with 4 wheel electric scooter Made in Vietnam

What do you think will make the trip perfect? Besides human, shelter, food means that transportation is also a very important factor. The use of 4 wheel electric cars Made...

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Important note When investing in tram travel at Blind Cang Chai

Blind Cang Chai is a potential tourist destination in the second Yen Bai. What is the investment of the tourist tram in blind to note? Wild beauty sucking visitors of...

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Electric tour bus – transportation solutions with many benefits

As a country famous for many beautiful scenes, unique culture and diverse cuisine, Vietnam has always been the attractive destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. However, the number of...

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