Vietnam electric car brand VN Electric Car was used in 32 provinces in the country and is well rated. Let’s explore the five elements that make up the popular electric car of Tung Lam Tram!

Nowadays, electric cars are increasingly more popular and are widely used in spirituality, resorts, hospitals, golf courses,… In it must mention the electric car brand Vietnam VN Electric Car is produced by the company Tung Lam.

Electric cars are available in all regions of the country

VN Electric Car brand passenger car is assembled and supplied by Tung Lam Company was present in 32 provinces in the country. Tram VN Electric Car is serving the needs of transporting passengers to a range of tourist resorts, famous resorts, spirituality, hospitals, industrial zones…

32 provinces have experienced Vietnamese brand electric car

Viet VN Electric Car brand electric car at Tien Pagoda-Hoa Binh

At present, Tung Lam has supplied products to a number of tourist resorts with visitors to a large annual such as Tam to-ha Nam Pagoda, Tien-Hoa Binh Pagoda, Sapa Jade Hill Resort, Hoang Su Phi-Ha Giang province , the resort Sam son-Thanh Hoa, Ha Long-Quang Ninh tourist area… The units have trusted the choice of electric car VN cars have good feedback on product quality.

5 Outstanding advantages of electric car brand VN Electric Car

Viet VN Electric Car brand electric car is trusted and used in 32 provinces nationwide due to the outstanding advantages:

1. Rich, diverse designs

Tung Lam Co., Ltd is providing passenger tram lines with a variety of seats: 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, 8 seater, 11 seats and a 14-seater car suitable for a variety of uses. In addition, Viet VN Electric Car electric car assembled and distributed by Tung Lam can also be customized according to the needs of customers such as: Change paint color, brand logo printing, adjust Caddy pad, the content pasted in the car , Additional sun Blinds,…

32 provinces have experienced Vietnamese brand electric car

Passenger electric vehicle of Tung Lam tram

2. Compact, durable design with TIME

The Vietnamese branded electric car model VN Electric Car is provided by Tung Lam Tram which has a sporty design and personality. Not only meets international technical standards, the VN Electric car electric vehicles also have the rugged design, absolute safety when used as transport for passengers.

3. Environmentally friendly

The four wheel electric scooter products VN Electric Car brand is not only environmentally friendly during assembly, production but also contributes to environmental protection throughout the process of use. Featuring the use of clean energy sources from electricity, do not create dust smoke when moving, electric vehicles supplied by Tung Lam will help minimize harmful emissions to the environment, keep the air fresh, cleaner.

32 provinces have experienced Vietnamese brand electric car

Electric vehicles contribute to reducing air pollution in tourist areas

4. Move gently, without fuss

Electric vehicles will not produce loud noises when transferring such as motorcycles or automobiles, which are especially suitable for use in spirituality and hospitals. For those in need of quiet, pure, VN Electric Car is the optimal choice to serve the needs of transportation.

5. Reasonable price

Assembled in Vietnam with a line of modern technology, meeting strict international standards, electric car brand Vietnam VN Electric Car offers super reasonable price for customers.

32 provinces have experienced Vietnamese brand electric car

Electric car brand Vietnam VN Electric Car has affordable price

It is thanks to its unique advantages, which offer many benefits when using the Vietnamese brand electric car brands have been trusted to use in the spiritual tourist areas, resorts, hospitals, golf courses and industrial zones in 32 provinces throughout the Water.

Customers interested and need to invest electric cars for tourism, hospitals, golf courses please contact:

Tung Lam Production and service commercial company, LTD

Address: Dai Dong industrial zone, Hoan son, Tien Du, BAC Ninh


Hotline: 0966649486 (Mr. Tung)

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